Sustainable Mundo, Inc. - "Achieve A Sustainable World Is Our Ultimate Goal,

Our objectives and contribution go beyond our purpose and business. Contributing to the formation of sustainability trends nationwide, Sustainable Mundo assists all types of businesses and organizations, such as schools, nursing homes, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, factories, etc., to achieve positive impacts, improve environmental costs and benefits, and increase value through diverse services such as monitoring and evaluation of projects, green & social related marketing, cost-efficient utilization of renewable and cleaner sources of energy -solar energy, water management-, among others.

To educate our community is one of our highest priorities, which includes facilitating event management planning and organization, providing training and services related to the responsible use and disposal of natural resources such as water, air, hazardous waste, radiation, indoor air, solid waste.

We are developing an educational program tailored to students from 6 to 12 grades called “Sustainable Learning for All”.  This educational program is based on the US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development curriculum. A modified version of this program will be provided to community organizations such as churches, civic organizations, technical schools, factories, etc., promoting volunteerism throughout social and environmental research.