Sustainable Mundo, Inc. - "Achieve A Sustainable World Is Our Ultimate Goal,
Sustainable Mundo was created in December 2011, with the vision to improve the environmental awareness at many levels in the community, and in doing so to be able to strengthen and enhance the relationship between humans and the natural environment. Sustainable Mundo's team of professionals is poised with the idea that the customers' needs for a more sustainable environment are the benchmark of a healthy and productive society. As a result our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.
We have identified that problems such as climate change, biodiversity disruption, pollution and waste, deterioration of water quality and availability, population demands, and rising energy consumption present global challenges which require developing effective strategies in dealing with these critical issues.
Equitable use of natural resources, fair distribution of opportunities among social actors will be the mandate of our operations. In this sense, we conduct research, development and planning of clean and cost-efficient green methodologies, practices and products designed for everyday use, in homes, businesses and industries. We provide training and education for learning institutions at the middle and high school levels, to increase global sustainability engagement and awareness. We develop socially responsible business partnerships focusing on the renewable energies, efficient supply chain management, minimization of environmental impact and waste reduction.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the green industry.

Board of Directors

Dr. Carlos A. Coello, M.P.H., M.S.
Chairman & Founder

Ioannis Tziligakis, PhD

Juliana Quaresma, M.S.
Environmental Studies and Organizational Leadership training

Reuben Richards, M.S.
Strategic Business and Community Outreach Advisor

Maria F. Baquerizo, MBA
Marketing Strategist

Carlos D. Coello
Community Outreach Coordinator

Kathleen Callahan, B.A.
Strategic Environmental Business Advisor

Robert Newton, PhD.
Scientific Advisor